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    请用电子邮件 ( 与我们联络,我们会在一两个工作日里回答您的问题。

    电话:1-(469) 300-9839


欢迎您使用 QuickPay with Zelle® 向我们捐款。捐款时,请注明您的联络方式,因为我们要寄免税的捐款收据给您。

如果这是您第一次使用QuickPay with Zelle®,您需要先加一个收款人,名称是:Frisco Salt and Light, Corp., 电子邮箱地址是, 不需要填电话号码,然后储存起来就可以了。以后每一次就只要在您的
QuickPay with Zelle® 收款人名单上选我们的名字就可以了。


Frisco Salt and Light, Corp.
P. O. Box 251727
Plano TX 75025-1727

Frisco Salt and Light, Corp. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your donation shall be deducted at your tax return.

Please use
email ( to contact us and we will reply to you in one or two working days.

Telephone: 1-(469) 300-9839

You are welcome to submit your articles to be published at our website.

You may use QuickPay with Zelle® to donate your money to support our ministry. Please clearly state your contact information because we will send you a tax exempt receipt for your donation.

If it is your first time to use this method, you need to add a recipient. The name is Frisco Salt and Light, Corp., and the email is No telephone is needed. Save this recipient then you may use this recipient to donation your money, from now on.

You may send your donation check to:

Frisco Salt and Light, Corp.
P. O. Box 251727
Plano TX 75025-1727

Note: At this time, we only accept donations from the USA. Thank you for your understanding.