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中文版的 Skype 可以在 免费下载

Here are some of our Bible study resources for your references. Your comments are welcome.

We have started online Bible Study through Skype and WeChat, English Online Bible Study is on Fridays. From November first Sunday to March second Sunday, Bible Study starts at 21:00 Beijing time; from March second Sunday to November first Sunday, Bible Study starts at 20:00, Beijing time. Our Bible Study lasts  an hour.

the Chinese Online Bible Study is on Mondays, starts at 20:00, Beijing time, and it lasts about 2 hours.

Because WeChat group chatting only can handle up to 9 people therefore Skype is a better way to attend our online Bible Study.

If you are interested to attend, please fill in the following form or contact us by scanning our WeChat QR code, or by sending us an email. Our contact email address is: Please let us know your Skype ID and username.

May our Lord God, Jesus Christ, be with you all the time!

You may download Skype from