Lunch Time Fellowship 午餐时的团契


在团契活动的时候,我们会有互动、讨论,也会一起看圣经。在团契活动前,我们会通过电子邮件把活动时的资料先寄给您,所以您可以做事先的准备。整个团契是用中文进行的。如果您或者您的朋友对这个团契感兴趣,请填写下面的表格或者发邮件告诉我们您Skype的用户名和ID,我们到时就可以呼叫您。请在您的邮件里注明您是对午餐时的团 感兴趣。因为我们每天要收到很多邮件,如果您不注明的话,我们将不知道该如何处理您的电子邮件。谢谢您的合作。


We are going to start an Online Evangelical Fellowship - Lunch Time Fellowship - from March 24, 2015.  We use Skype to have a real time fellowship. The fellowship time is from 12:00 ~ 13:30, Beijing time. The current plan is for 6 sessions only. The minimum attendees of this fellowship is 3 - which means as long as we have 3 people signed to attend this fellowship, we will activate that fellowship.

During the fellowship we will have interactive discussions, Bible readings, and so on. Before the fellowship, we will email you the materials of the following session. The fellowship will be conducted in Chinese. If you are interested to join this fellowship, please fill in the following form or email us and let us know your Skype user name and ID therefore we could call you on Skype. In your email, please notify us that you are interested in our "Lunch Time Fellowship". Because we receive a lot of emails, if you do not identify for which purpose, we will not know how to process your email. Thank you for your cooperation.

This activity was done. Please pay attention to our announcement for re-start this activity.